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Recovering a drive in Symantec Recovery Environment with Norton Ghost 15.0

  • When you restore a Windows 7 backup image, you need to restore both the System Reserved boot partition and the C drive with the operating system. To boot the computer successfully, restore the hidden System Reserved partition first and set it as active partition. After successful restore of System Reserved partition, restore the Windows 7 system partition (C:) in the remaining unallocated space on the drive.
  • Recover a drive in Symantec Recovery Environment
  1. Start your computer into Symantec Recovery Environment.
    • For more information about starting your computer in Symantec Recovery Environment, read:
    • Obtaining and using the Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD) for Norton Ghost 15.0
  2. Read the End User License Agreement, and then click Accept.
  3. In the Home panel, click Recover My Computer.
  4. In the Welcome window of the Recover My Computer Wizard, click Next.
  5. In the Select a Recovery Point to Restore window, do one of the following:
    • If you can see the recovery point in the list that you want to restore, go to line 8.
    • If the Symantec Recovery Disk cannot locate any recovery point, you are prompted to locate one. Click OK.
  6. From the View recovery point by drop-down menu, select one of the following options, click Browse, and then locate the recovery point:
    • Date
    • Filename
    • System
  7. If the recovery point is located on a network drive, click Map a network drive. Select the drive letter. Click Browse, and locate the network drive or type the path of the shared folder on the network which contains the recovery point. Click OK.
  8. Select a recovery point, and then click Recover My Computer.
  9. Select destination drive where you want to restore the image, and then click Next.
  10. Depending on your requirements, in the Recovery Options window, select or deselect the options you want.
  11. Click Next, and review the options you have selected.
  12. Select Reboot when finished, and then click Finish.